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Analysis of Forming Temperature of PE Pipe Fittings

Time:2019-09-19     【Reserved】   Read

In the production process of PE pipe fittings, extrusion temperature is very important. The following edition will introduce the relevant knowledge to you.

      First of all, in order to control the extrusion temperature of PE pipe fittings correctly, we must first understand the relationship between the temperature limit of the processed material and its physical properties, so as to find out its characteristics and rules, so as to select the best temperature range for extrusion forming. Then, in general, the temperature control of extruder is gradually increased from the feeding section to the extrusion section of the fuselage, and the material will gradually melt from the solid state to the dry state.
      Above is a brief introduction to the forming temperature of PE pipe fittings. I hope you can learn these knowledge from it.


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