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How to identify the quality of PE water supply pipe?

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When purchasing PE water supply pipes, quality should be put in the first place. Some people say that the color of PE pipes can distinguish the quality of pipes. In fact, about the color of PE pipes, some people say red is good, some people say white is good, and some people say black is authentic. In fact, the color has nothing to do with the quality of PE tubes.

Color problem of PE water supply pipe

According to GB/T18742.2-2002 Article 7.1 on color: generally black, other colors can be determined by negotiation between suppliers and consumers. Whether black, white or red, pipes of different colors are the result of adding different color masterbatches, regardless of quality, in order to prevent the pipes from breeding bacteria because of light transmission.

Sometimes in order to meet the market demand, it is also common practice to change the color to orange, red and other personalized colors, highlighting personality and increasing selling points.

PE water supply pipe quality depends mainly on wall thickness?

In fact, the quality of pipes involves many aspects, and wall thickness is only one of them. The temperature and pressure resistance of pipeline depends partly on the purity of raw materials and the compatibility between wall thickness and temperature and pressure, not the thicker the better, because the thicker the pipeline is, the smaller the runoff will be, and the most important thing is the uniformity of wall thickness. If there are not enough online control measures for pipe production, it is difficult to ensure the thickness. Uniform.

In use, if the PE pipe has problems, the impact will be very serious. Often, the burst or blockage of the pipeline will result in tens, hundreds or even incalculable consequences of the price of the pipeline itself.

So how to distinguish the PE water supply pipe?

The appearance of PE water supply pipe is difficult to see good or bad, the general method is to see the color, brightness, the smoothness of the inner wall, the real reliable method is pressure testing. The new material pipeline can withstand 1.5 times the pressure; and it is important to choose the PE pipe manufacturer with reliable quality and good reputation; because they will choose the high quality PE pipe production line, so that the quality of the product can be guaranteed authenticity.



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