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What are the advantages of PE water supply pipe?

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PE water supply pipe has excellent physical properties. The imported high-quality polyethylene material not only has good rigidity, strength, flexibility and creep resistance, but also has the characteristics of hot-melt connection, which is conducive to the installation of pipelines.


PE water supply pipe has corrosion resistance and long service life. In our country, the groundwater level is high and the soil humidity is high. Seamless steel pipe must be used for corrosion protection, and can only be used for 30 years. PE water supply pipe can milk the erosion of a variety of chemical media without any prevention. In addition, it will not promote the growth of algae, bacteria or fungi, and its service life can reach 50 years under normal conditions. PE water supply pipe has good toughness and rapacity. PE water supply pipe is a kind of high toughness pipe, its elongation at break has sung 500 percent. It has strong adaptability to uneven settlement and dislocation of foundation and good seismic resistance. Therefore, PE water supply pipe is most suitable for use in seismic hazard areas. Practice around the world has proved that PE water supply pipe is the best flow energy of PE water supply pipe. Strength, economic accounting.

The inner wall of PE water supply pipe is smooth and does not scale. The absolute roughness ratio of the surface equivalent is one-twentieth of the steel pipe. The flow capacity of PE water supply pipe under the same diameter, length and pressure is about 30% larger than that of the steel pipe, so the economic advantage is obvious. Compared with metal steel pipe, PE water supply pipe can reduce project investment by about one third. The coiled small diameter pipe can further reduce the cost of the project.

PE water supply pipe is easy to connect, easy to construct and various methods.

PE water supply pipe has the advantages of light weight, convenient handling, easy welding and few welding joints. When coil radiation is used for long pipelines, PE water supply pipe requirements are much lower than steel pipe requirements. In addition, the method of pipe sinking can be used to lay on the water bottom, which greatly reduces the construction difficulty and engineering cost.

PE water supply pipe is well sealed.

PE water supply pipe itself adopts dissolving connection, which essentially guarantees the unity of interface material structure and pipe body itself, and realizes the integration of joint and pipe material. The tensile strength and blasting strength of the joint are higher than those of the tube body, which can effectively resist the reversal stress and the circumferential stress caused by the internal pressure. Therefore, compared with the rubber ring accumulative forehead or other mechanical joints, the leakage risk caused by uneven distortion of the joint is very good.


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