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       Warmly welcome you to join the Billion Fumar Pipe Industry! Your joining will add a new vigor to Billion Fuma! Your arrival will make a beautiful scene for Yifuma!

       On the colorful stage of Yifuma, you can give full play to your intelligence, show your personality charm and realize your life value. The key to Yifuma's success and development lies in: a group of ordinary and real employees, with their sincerity, meticulousness, love and perseverance, have done extraordinary things in ordinary posts and achieved great success in ordinary! Looking back on the past, we have a long history; looking forward to the future, we are hesitant and full of ambition! Let's help each other and make progress together. Let's work together to create brilliance. We sincerely hope that the business vision of YFMA will be linked with your personal destiny, and YFMA's business mission will be linked with your life value. Let's work hard with one heart and one mind to build a billionaire Fuma enterprise full of vitality and unique personality charm.

Talent concept

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