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■ 硬质合金螺杆结构,高耐磨和耐腐蚀性双金属机筒,保障了高质量和长期加工可靠性;
■ 先进的模头设计、精准的温控系统带来出色的熔体均匀度,可实现低熔温高速挤出,确保产品卓越品质;
■ 配置多系列模头芯棒,与定径套一一匹配不同规格系列管材规格,可严格控制尺寸公差;
■ 快速真空调节系统,精确的冷却水温控制,保持稳定的真空度;

■ 无屑切割,无锯屑,切割过程无噪音;

■ 测定值记录与螺杆转速同步,补偿由于喂料螺杆造成的进料波动,使物料持续稳定地进入挤出机的喂料段;
■ 恒定的产品品质,不受堆积密度的波动影响,可靠的实现产品配方;

■ 超声波替代传统的手工壁厚检测,可通过设定值对平均壁厚进行有效控制,确保壁厚始终如一;

■ 长方体工作室,使有效容积达到最大,微电脑温度控制器,控温精确可靠;
■ 钢化、防弹双层玻璃门观察工作室内物体,一目了然,能够向内部充入惰性气体;
■ 箱门闭合松紧能调节,整体成型的硅橡胶门封圈,确保箱内高真空度;
■ 工作室采用抛光镜面不锈钢板制成,确保产品经久耐用;

■ 储存、加热、试验和干燥都是在没有氧气或者充满惰性气体环境里进行,所以不会氧化;

■ 通过激光点阵驻留技术,直接在管材表面标刻一个无法擦掉的永久性标记,无需借助任何辅助工具即可肉眼分辨,便于消费者识别;
■ 更好的可追溯性;

Quality Assurance
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■ 地源热泵是可再生能源技术,是经济有效的节能技术;            

■ 地源热泵没有任何污染,没有燃烧,没有排烟,也没有废弃物;

■ 地源热泵不需要堆放燃料废物的场地,且不用远距离输送热量;                 

■ 地源热泵一机多用,应用范围广。

Technological strength

Klaus Maffe single screw extruder is the core part of PE pipe extrusion line of our company. The extruder has special material feeding, weighing and measuring system. Polyethylene raw materials are transported from storage containers to hoppers of gravity metering units with the help of spiral feed screw. In order to prevent bridge connection, hopper and vibrator and agitator are matched. In addition, all metering units in contact with the material have a special coating in order not to hinder the flow of the material. Beginning with the metering unit, the material is conveyed to the feeding unit above the intake port of the extruder through the agitator and special twin screw. The rheological design of Claus Maffe's cross head ensures very uniform melting. The Klaus-Maffe pipe extrusion line in Germany ensures high output, high quality and maximum mechanical properties of the product.

The meter weight control system can detect and control the weight of each section of pipe from time to time. The equipment and the extruder linkage ensure the uniformity of pipe thickness. With the use of this equipment, the geometric dimension accuracy of extruded pipes is improved by more than 80% compared with the conventional extrusion method, the uneven thickness of pipes in the axial direction is avoided, the precise extrusion of polyethylene (PE) pipes is realized, and the quality inspection of final products in the past is transformed into dynamic control in the production process.

On-line Ultrasonic pipe thickness gauge can detect pipe wall thickness from time to time. When the pipe wall thickness exceeds the standard requirement, it can not only alert operators by sound and light alarm, but also record detailed time, which is convenient for operators to find out unqualified pipe materials. It effectively prevents sending unqualified pipe to users and improves the safety of pipeline operation. 。 The measurement data are exported daily and archived as one of the hardware for pipeline traceability.

German Claus Maffepe pipe tractor, the lowest traction speed control to 0.05 m/min, to ensure the uniformity of the axial wall thickness of the pipe.

Permanent laser typewriter, printing content is flexible and adjustable, and ensures the 50-year permanence of printing content. In addition, the equipment is linked with the thickness gauge, and with the use of thickness gauge, unqualified pipes within a meter can be found.

The three-in-one dehumidification dryer is an advanced dehumidification dryer in China, which can quickly remove moisture from polyethylene raw materials to eliminate the generation of bubbles, and make the product achieve ideal mechanical, electrical, dimensional stability and smooth appearance. The air pipeline of dehumidifier and dryer adopts sealed circulation system with filter. After drying, raw materials are automatically distributed to each production line through vacuum conveying system.

German Klaus Maffe pipe cutter without chip, smooth and tidy cut, pipe end and pipe axis absolutely vertical, conducive to pipe welding construction.

The central feeding control system uses stainless steel pipeline to convey raw materials to the extruder through the centralized feeding system. The sealing system is from the raw material bin to the extruder, which avoids the pollution of raw materials to the greatest extent.


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